Marielle Groven

The Nova Scotia Talent Trust has supported me every step of the way, from my earliest beginnings in the study of music to my current pursuit of a master's degree in music composition at McGill. Thanks to their generous support, I have been given the means to realize my dream of making a career in music as a composer and arranger of music. For this, I am deeply grateful.

Denise Djokic

Cellist Denise Djokic is one of the most exciting talents of her generation and has thrilled audiences worldwide with the youthful vigour, confidence and passion of her playing.

Simon Shaw

Simon Shaw graduated with many awards and honours, including four Talent Trust scholarships, in the spring of 2007 from the Newark and Sherwood School of Violin Making and Repair, Newark, England. This institution is one of the foremost violin making schools in the world. Simon is now a professional luthier practicing in Halifax.

Natalie Alcorn

It is amazing to know that there are so many wonderful people who invest so much time and effort because they truly care about the successful development of our futures as artists. I am so thankful to have such support from the Nova Scotia Talent Trust- it is incredibly encouraging and helpful on so many levels.

Marc Djokic

Marc began his violin studies at the age of six with his father, violinist Philippe Djokic. He has been the recipient of several awards and scholarships including the Kiwanis Festival of Music Rose Bowl Prize, the Hudson Community Scholarship, the Martha Holden Jennings Foundation Scholarship Award, and several NSTT Awards, including the prestigious Raymond Simpson Award, and the Lieutenant Governor's Award.

Halifax 2011 Canada Games Legacy Supports the Arts

Emerging Nova Scotian artists will benefit from the Canada Games legacy for years to come.

The Host Society announced today, March 21, that it will contribute $200,000 in award funding to the Nova Scotia Talent Trust, a non-profit organization that provides scholarships and awards to Nova Scotians who demonstrate exceptional potential and commitment to become established artists in their chosen fields.

"The 2011 Halifax Canada Games celebrated the drive and excellence of both young athletes and artists. Because of this, recognizing the arts and culture was an important factor in a successful legacy of the Halifax Canada Games," said Julia Rivard, member of the Games Board of Directors. “The awards will ensure the spirit of the Games lives on through Nova Scotia’s next generation of great artists.”

The funding will be given in two $10,000 awards a year for the next ten years, called the 2011 Canada Games Young Artist of Excellence Awards.


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